Metronomes & Chest Compressions

Sheet Music and Guitar

A metronome is a device used by musicians to practice playing at a regular beat (ie beats per minute).


There are many songs with various beats that are used to assist with sleeping, relaxation, exercise or just make you feel good.  During our CPR sessions, we use various songs that help to keep rhythym when giving chest compressions.

The ideal range of compression is 100 - 120 beats per minute.  If you are able to think of a song with this beat range, it will aid in you being able to maintain a steady speed and duration.

Below are some of our favourite song choices:

Stayin Alive | Bee Gees | 103bpm

Could You Be Loved | Bob Marley | 103bpm

Hips Don't Lie | Shakira | 105bpm

All You Need Is Love | Beatles | 105bpm

Another One Bites The Dust | Queen | 110bpm

Just The Way Your Are | Bruno Mars | 109bpm

I Wanna Dance With Somebody | Whitney Houston | 119bpm

Poker Face | Lady Gaga | 120bpm

It's My Life | Bon Jovi | 120pbm

Respect | Aretha Franklin | 120bpm