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The Mindray Beneheart C1 defibrillator helps you to respond to Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a variety of locations. It is designed to be reliable, simple and easy to use by any rescuers.


BeneHeart C1A knows what you need. When the rescuer is too nervous or inexperienced and does not apply the pads for a long time, ResQNaviTM is able to recognize the challenge of the rescuer encounters in time, and provide more detailed operation guidance for the rescuer through the change of voice prompts.

7-inch TFT display offers clear guidance with . Auto-adjustable volume and screen brightness allow you to comfortably use C1 in a variety of environments. Pre-connected pads save time, and the pads connector can auto-identify patient so that a lower energy dose is delivered to pediatric patients.


Simple switching between adult-child mode- CPR metronome- CPR real-time feedback1- CPR process encouragement can continuously encourage the rescuer and help to achieve the goal of saving a life, just like a personal coach at side

The disposable battery with extended capacity supports more than 300 shocks at 200J or 200 shocks at 360J.

Mindray Beneheart C1

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